Confidently Pricing Your Magic| 2 Part Course

Confidently Pricing Your Magic| 2 Part Course

Confidently Pricing Your Magic| 2 Part Course

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Are you a practitioner seeking to unleash the full potential of your unique talents? Do you find yourself struggling to assign the right value to your invaluable services? 

In this course Glenyce invites you to break free from doubt and step into your power and worth.

Part 1: Unveiling Your Worth

In this empowering session, we dive deep into the core of your being to uncover the true essence of your worth.

In this session, you'll experience guided exercises and enlightening discussions so you can: 
🌟 Explore the profound impact of your metaphysical gifts on the lives of your clients.
🌟 Embrace your inherent value and cultivate a mindset of abundance.
🌟 Overcome self-limiting beliefs and rise above imposter syndrome with confidence. 

Part 2: Magical Pricing Strategies

Armed with newfound clarity and self-assurance, you'll embark on a journey to master the art of pricing your magic.

In this session, you'll experience a mix of WOO and LOGIC with pricing:
🌟 Learn proven techniques for communing with your business and services 
🌟 Explore various pricing models and discover the one that aligns best with your unique offerings.

You will receive:
🖥️ Video recordings of Each Training (2)
🎧 Audio recordings of Each Training (2)
📃 Workbook for Each Training on PDF (2)
💥Receiving Your Inherent Value Energetic Exercise on Audio
💥Receiving the Impact of Your Gifts Energetic Exercise on Audio
💥Ask Your Business a Question Energetic Exercise on Audio
💥 Business Meeting with Your Team Energetic Exercise on Audio

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