Energetically Creating with Our Bodies

Energetically Creating with Our Bodies
Energetically Creating with Our Bodies
Energetically Creating with Our Bodies
Energetically Creating with Our Bodies

Energetically Creating with Our Bodies

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What if you have capacities with energies, bodies and creation you have never imagined possible?? 

This 3 part program is all about your energetic capacities with bodies – BEing more. Receiving more. Creating more magic with them. 

Previously recorded in 2021, ready for immediate access.

You will receive:
🖥️  Video recordings of each ZOOMs (3)
🎧 Audio Recordings of each ZOOMs (3)
💥 Receiving it All Energetic Exercise (12 minutes)

💥 Capacities with Bodies Energetic Exercise (8 minutes)
💥 Capacities with Healing Energetic Exercise (7 minutes)
💥 Capacities with Pain Energetic Exercise (9 minutes)

💥 Body Change Energetic Exercise (12 minutes)
💥 Body Shape Energetic Exercise (9 minutes)
💥 Money for Your Body Energetic Exercise (13 minutes)
💥 Shapeshift Your Body Energetic Exercise (6 minutes)

Please note: 
Everything is ready for immediate access.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
N. (Berlin, DE)
Wonderful and so honouring!

Thanks as always Glenyce! Our holy, potent bodies - you gave them this light, great and creating space with your course and energy! I'm so grateful for you and all your gifts! Such a kind way of reminding ourselves of our body capacities and to honour them in every single moment for everthing they are and gift to us!

Awwww, thank you xoxo

J.R. (Romeo, US)
What was I doing before this

Also, what was I doing with my life before expanding outwards? Like how come no one told me this before lol
I would feel my body healing others and doing things all the time, and it made me crazy for years. Now I know my body was just trying to contribute and heal and do things, and I made it wrong and WoW how does it get any better than this class?! like i needed this my whole life I could cry i am so happy, relieved, excited all the good stuff. Just had to add this comment lol

Awwwwwwww, thank you so much!!!!! xoxoxo

J.R. (Romeo, US)
Changed my life

This program literally changed my whole life and world and I’m so eternally grateful ❤️❤️❤️

WOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!! I am thrilled to hear this!!! xoxo

S.K. (Delhi, IN)

Energetically Creating with Our Bodies

C.S. (Paris, FR)
Ma gicla as usuel

Thank you

Thank you so much!!! xoxo

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