Magic of BEing Money (December 2020)

Magic of BEing Money (December 2020)

Magic of BEing Money (December 2020)

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This is your invitation to step into the magic of infinite and miraculous possibilities with money… a life that truly works for you… more ease and joy… to allowing all of the universe to support you.

What would it be like if you could have money as a joyful companion on all of your adventures? What if you having more money and more ease with money actually contributes to a greater future for everyone?

Is money an energy that will allow for greater possibilities and futures for your body? What else is possible with money and wealth that is greater than you have ever imagined? In this dynamic class, we will be inspired by the How to Become Money Workbook and the life changing tools of Access Consciousness® to go beyond limitation and into infinite possibilities with money.

You as a being have total power to create your life and you can and you will and it will come together in more magnificent ways than you can even imagine.
- Gary Douglas, How to Become Money Workbook

You will receive:
*Audio and video recording of the 2 ZOOMs (each over 3 hours)
*6 Energetic Exercises from the ZOOMs on separate audios
*Clearings – written and audio from both ZOOMs
*Magic Tricks from Workbook on PDF
Bonus: 4 Energy Exercises on Audio
*Energy Pull Exercise
*Releasing the Debt Energy Exercise
*Actualizing the Money Energy Exercise
*Breathing Money Energy Exercise

Previously recorded in 2020. Available for immediate download.

This class uses the Access Consciousness® clearing statement.

Please note: 
Everything is ready for immediate access.
Nothing physical will ship.

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