Magic with Molecules

Magic with Molecules
Magic with Molecules
Magic with Molecules
Magic with Molecules
Magic with Molecules

Magic with Molecules

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Everything has conscious molecules that you can converse with to create more laughter, joy, wealth, money, possibilities, and any other magic your heart desires. From your body, your business, your bank account, your creations, your home, and, well, EVERYTHING!

In this phenomenal 2-part previously recorded class, you will learn Access Consciousness® tools and processes to be in communion with every molecule to create more magic than you ever knew possible.

You will receive:
🖥️  Video recordings of 2 classes
🎧 Audio recordings of 2 classes
💥 Clearings - written and audio from 2 classes
🥰 BONUS: Glenyce's Personal Clearing Loop - Clearing the Projected Realities and Need of Reactive Realities with Regards to Being Magical (audio and written)

Previously recorded in 2023.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
J.M. (Barrie, CA)
Magical clearing of my reactions to Presumptive Realities

Love it, like spring cleaning for the brain. I haven't even listened to Glenyce reciting the Magic with Molecules yet, but I did download the script, and every time I read it out loud I clear up more head trash!!! Went to a musical theatre production the other day and man was it loaded with "the futility of trying" presumptions, and no matter how hard you try you never win BS. I left feeling despair and huge "what's the point' energy. Not mine but it had latched on. When I got home I recited the clearings out loud until I was clean again. So glad I had this in my tool box !! You will be too.

YAYAYAYAYAY!!! I am so grateful to hear this!!! Magical YOU!!!! xoxo

M.C. (Gatineau, CA)
Magic with Molecules

I am much more aware of the alchemist I really be!

Thank you!

YAYAYAYAY!!! Magical!!! xoxo

A. (Bucharest, RO)

All the content is over-delivering and its a contribution beyond measure. Thank you!

I am so grateful you love it. YAYAYAY!!! xoxo

G.Z.H. (Jægerspris, DK)
Loved this Magic with Molecuels seminar

Glenyce Way of facilitation this class topic talks and Co tributes to me In so many levels.

Im greateful for the clarity I Got from this class, and the handouts with written tools

Thank you this gift
Gitte Ziebell

Thank you so much for your kind words. xoxo

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