Steps to Create the Life You Really Desire

Steps to Create the Life You Really Desire

Steps to Create the Life You Really Desire

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The Ultimate HIGHPOWERED Series on Using Targets to Create Magic in Your Life

For each topic you will receive –
* Audio Recording of each training (6)
* Audio and Written clearings from each training (6)
* PLUS a step by step playbook from each training (6)

Are you stuck in the rut of just enough? Every dime you spend is accompanied by a pang of agonizing guilt.  Are you putting your happiness on hold until you have more? Money follows what we project onto it– is now the time to change that? What if you could receive the contributions of all things?

That same fight over and over again? Creating extraordinary relationships is possible, is now the time to get clear on what works for you and what works for the other person? Learn what’s really going on and adore your relationships more than you ever thought you could.  What if it is actually your choice that can change it?

Your body, as the source of possibility desires to assist you in whatever you’re yearning to create – when was the last time you asked your body what it wanted to generate? By choosing something different your body is allowed to respond in a different way, a lighter way – opening up in greater ways than even imagined yet.

Did you know you’re here to bring something to this world that would change it for the greater?  What if you were willing to create beyond all definitions, conclusions or judgements you’ve bought as true?  Who would you be and what would your world be like?  Could you envision a space with so much more possibility?

Businesses that are thriving today are willing to be and do things differently. As you recognize the source of creation your business is to you and your life, you begin to operate from the generative source of what else is possible?  Are you willing to actualize a business from the sense of thriving?

Adding to Your Life
Do you ever feel that what you crave in life is always out of reach? Find out how you can open yourself up to receiving the good things you want in life by learning how to actualize opportunities for more money, more fun and more joy! Is now the time to ask for more?

Previously recorded in 2017, ready for immediate download.
This class uses the Access Consciousness® clearing statement.


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